1. What does the deposit (guarantee) represent?

All Duo vehicles have an all risk insurance with franchise. The deposit given by you represents the franchise of the all-risks insurance for the possible damages occurring by your fault. For the damages which are not caused by you the deposit given for the rental period will be returned provided that you make the proof by an official deed issued by a competent body.

2. How can I rent a car?

Very easy:
• Contact one of the Duo operators by phone, by e-mail or by filling in the online form for making a reservation. 
• You have a valid reservation when you receive a confirmation from an operator.
• At the established place, date and time, one of the Duo agents will wait for you in order to deliver the vehicle.

3. Which is the limited mileage?

At  Duo Rent a Car there is unlimited mileage.

4. Which are the services included in the price per day? Are there any other fees which must be paid in order to be able to drive?

The daily price includes the following fees:
• third party liability insurance 
• all risks Insurance with franchise 
• road taxes (Vigneta)
• unlimited mileage
• NON–STOP technical assistance
• NON–STOP client support service 
• winter/summer tires
• pick-up and drop-off the car at the airport 
• additional drivers.
On the Romanian territory you can drive with a car rented from Duo without paying additional charges.

5. Can I leave the country with the rented car?

From safety reasons, you are not allowed to leave the country.