Rental conditions

Terms and conditions

General Information: 
Any person who accesses this site must read these Terms and Conditions presented below, before entering the site. Browsing and using the Duo Rent A Car site represents your acceptance without limitation of these terms and conditions. Duo Rent A Car reserves the right , on unilateral basis, to change, to correct, to amend, to add and/or withdraw partially or wholly these terms, without previous notification. These changes will enter into force since their publishing on Duo Rent A Car site. The information presented here is general and represents a summary of the Duo Rent A Car terms and conditions of car rental.

General Conditions of Renting a Car
The vehicle is rented only to the Clients who hold a valid national or international driving license, of more than 1 year since being issued, the minimum age being 23 years at the moment of signing the agreement between the two parties. 
The vehicle can be driven by the Client or by the Additional Driver who must fulfill the same conditions as the main driver. The additional driver is bound to be present at the time of signing the rental agreement.    
The term of  Client refers to any person who rents a vehicle and becomes a party in the agreement, by express consent. 
The term of  Additional Driver refers to a third person in the agreement who is allowed to drive the rented vehicle, and does not refer to the driver whom the Client request to the Owner, against charge, a driver who provides a service from the part of the Owner.

Pick-up and Drop-off the vehicle: 
Pick-up and drop-off the vehicle will be made at the place, date and time indicated by the client and mentioned in the rental agreement.  The car may be picked-up and droped-off also in other locations from the country, with the agreement of the owner and on the basis of an agreed car relocation fee. The vehicle will be delivered to the client in general good conditions, without hidden or visible defects, all information concerning the conditions of presenting the vehicle being mentioned in the agreement.     The client will return the vehicle together with the deeds, accessories and equipment at the place, date and time specified in the rental agreement. In case of delays previously notified and with the consent of the Owner, up to one hour, additional fees will not be perceived. At the return of the vehicle with a delay previously notified and with the consent of the Owner, more than three hours than the time specified in the Rental Agreement, an additional fee named ,,Delay Hours,, will be perceived. Its fee and value is stipulated in the rental agreement agreed and signed by the Client at the time of the delivery of vehicle.  
At the expiry of the rental duration this agreement becomes null, unless otherwise agreed in writing, and we reserve the right to declare the vehicle as being stolen, to the competent bodies.

Necessary documents when overtaking the vehicle: 
-    An identity card
-    A driving license

All these documents must have a maximum expiry date with the expiry date of the rental agreement agreed by the two parties! In case that, also an Additional Driver will be mentioned in the agreement with the consent of the owner, this must present the same documents and will fulfill the same conditions.
Methods of payment of the rental services:

All the amounts and fees from the agreement are calculated in EURO. 
The payment of the rent falls under the exclusive duty of the Client and is made at the time of overtaking the vehicle choosing among the following options:
-    Payment in cash in the currencies: EURO, RON. For other types of currencies, contact the Call Center Department. 
-   Payment by bank card of the type: Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro. These are the only types of bank cards accepted by our company. 

Insurance. Car fees. Guarantee/deposit
-  All the vehicles have mandatory insurance such as Third Party Liability Insurance. The client is directly liable for the damages which are not covered by this type of insurance. 
-   All the car fees are paid by the owner: ITP, rovinieta (road tax).
-  At the moment of overtaking the vehicle, a guarantee will be given as for the car consisting of 0-3000 euro depending on the reserved car class. This guarantee is given to the owner as a pre-reservation of the amount on a credit card. With the consent of the owner, this can be given also in cash. This amount will be returned to the client at the time of the owner’s taking back the vehicle, if the car is returned in the same condition as it was at the time of being delivered to the client.